Saturday, July 31, 2010

This summer

This summer has by far been one of the most non enjoyable and I feel bad complaining about it. I moved across the country leaving friends behind, couldn't find a job, took me forever to find tennis and every day I am bored out of my mind. I do so many chores and go to practice but that still leaves me with plenty of time. Ive been pretty much everywhere and have been to the libray numerous times. Etsy could keep me sane if I could ever sell cards. School will start soon and I hope it will be amazing. Anyways I have two pets, a rabbit and a dog. My dog is barely bigger than my rabbit, he's a havanese. He is an attention hog and it's funny to hear stories of him at daycare. Apparently he starts barking when he enters the play area which the lady says to announce he's there. He also goes on top of the play slide and barks. I would have never believed he went on the tiny child playground if we had not seen him on their webcam and gotten a picture of it. He always likes to sit on the highest item he can find and loves laying on my bed. Here's a picture of my lovely pets.

So my idea is:

I am considering making greeting cards with crazy sayings. I am not 100% on the idea but I am considering it. I would love for anyone to tell me any

-crazy sayings
-weird things theyve heard people say
-funny, idiotic, crazy, weird, etc sayings or words or just anything random please post :)

If I decide on this idea and choose your saying or whatever, I will let you know before it is put up for sale. I will also include your site on the back of the greeting card in small print at the bottom. You can also send me (email or in the mail) a small info card about your products and site which if my greeting card is hopefully purchased, will be included with the greeting card.

Thanks in advance (Sassy Style Cards)

I'd love to here on here or you can reply on the original post:

Exhausting day.

What an exhausting day it has been. Playing tennis in the hot sun for 4 hours and then making cards. Tiring but its what I love doing. Here's new card and is available at New cards to come very soon :)

Friday, July 30, 2010


I finally got to register for college even though I pretty much didn't get any times I wanted. Now that I'm back, more cards will be coming. I picked up some cute supplies at the craft store so it should be amazing :)

-Sassy Style Cards

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Did I forget to mention

You can purchase anything and look at my items at

I still have...

I still have many more cards to put up for sale but I didn't want the site to look overcrowded. If any one has any request, I'm up for anything (no obligation to buy if you don't like it). Also I am up for any feedback, what would make you take the extra step to buy.

We offer:
1. Free card of choice to new customers.
2. Fill out the card for you and send to whomever you choose.
3. Cheap prices and shipping
4. Packages to choose from
5. Unique cards

<3 Sassy Style Cards

Fun birthday

Life just got easier...

NEW. Sassy Style Cards would like to make your life easier. Have a birthday, party, thank you note or etc that needs to be done but you don't have the time. Sassy Style cards FOR FREE will let you choose from a selection of premade messages that you can have as is or edit. We'll put the message inside, decorate a little and send the card straight to who ever you would like. We can put your adress as if it was sent from you.

:) Sassy Style Cards


WHY buy cards online? You don't have to waste gas money driving to the store to buy a card. The card comes to you with a few easy clicks.

WHY buy sassy style cards? The cards are unique and not like anything you can buy in the store. These cards are handmade and made with care. These cards will make any event or occasion amazing. Try something new and switch to Sassy Style Cards. Everyone will be jealous.

Set of 5 for 8.50

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A little bit about Sassy Style Maker

Sassy Style Cards is just a name I liked out of the long list that were available. I guess it was the most eye catching. I just randomly typed names in like there was no tommorow. Names like no name cards, big hit cards, just a peek cards, talk nicely cards, etc. Thinking of names was not the best but pulling a name out of the many was. My mind was racing thinking of what I would make and how I'd sell it. Right now I am pumping out ideas like there is no tommorow. It's what I love to do and I hope it will be a hit. Anyways about me, I am an 18 year old female named Gabby. I am pretty easy going but very loud. I am starting my first year in college come August 20th and I am going to major in nursing. I think it would be fun and I just can't do an office job. I would love to be a vet or run an animal kennel but my allergies would not. Hives, swollen throats, puffy eyes, etc is not what I would like to deal with everyday. I can not draw to save my life but I love scrapbooking and card making. This is a hobby of mine that is starting to take a lot of time of my life, I don't mind but I always catch myself getting carried away. I do play tennis competivly and am going to try for college. Tennis has changed my life in so many ways and I love it. Enough of my boring self. Try a card of mine, it won't hurt, you might even love it.

:) Sassy Style Cards


Monday, July 26, 2010

Lets see...

New Ones

New Cards are being put up.

New Designs being made and put up later. Get them while they last

:) Sassy Style Cards

DEAL !!!

New Deal just for blogger.

1. Become a follower of this blog
2. Go to my website
3.Order a card, and mention to me that you are a follower on blogger
4. Receive a free card of your choice with your purchase

Don't pass this offer up.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Watch out!

Watch out for new cards up for sale tomorrow!

-Sassy Style Cards

New Cards (Must haves)

New Cards

New Cards are up! Get them while they last.

Sassy Style Cards

Sassy Style Cards

Sassy Style cards are unique cards. They are hand made and have style to them. Sassy Style Cards just put new cards up for sale at ( Sassy Style Cards always is producing new cards and will continue to. I do offer request of any cards you would like made. Check out the site above for more information! Enjoy

:) Sassy Style Cards