Saturday, July 31, 2010

This summer

This summer has by far been one of the most non enjoyable and I feel bad complaining about it. I moved across the country leaving friends behind, couldn't find a job, took me forever to find tennis and every day I am bored out of my mind. I do so many chores and go to practice but that still leaves me with plenty of time. Ive been pretty much everywhere and have been to the libray numerous times. Etsy could keep me sane if I could ever sell cards. School will start soon and I hope it will be amazing. Anyways I have two pets, a rabbit and a dog. My dog is barely bigger than my rabbit, he's a havanese. He is an attention hog and it's funny to hear stories of him at daycare. Apparently he starts barking when he enters the play area which the lady says to announce he's there. He also goes on top of the play slide and barks. I would have never believed he went on the tiny child playground if we had not seen him on their webcam and gotten a picture of it. He always likes to sit on the highest item he can find and loves laying on my bed. Here's a picture of my lovely pets.

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