Saturday, July 31, 2010

So my idea is:

I am considering making greeting cards with crazy sayings. I am not 100% on the idea but I am considering it. I would love for anyone to tell me any

-crazy sayings
-weird things theyve heard people say
-funny, idiotic, crazy, weird, etc sayings or words or just anything random please post :)

If I decide on this idea and choose your saying or whatever, I will let you know before it is put up for sale. I will also include your site on the back of the greeting card in small print at the bottom. You can also send me (email or in the mail) a small info card about your products and site which if my greeting card is hopefully purchased, will be included with the greeting card.

Thanks in advance (Sassy Style Cards)

I'd love to here on here or you can reply on the original post:

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