Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Halloween Items!

We have two giveaways:

This one ends August 26th HURRY:

This one ends Sept 16th:
Win any card

Well Halloween items are starting to be put up. Check out this cool site with lots of movie quality props.
 Check out this cool ripped neck for 9.99 Cheap price for good quality

We have  three Halloween cards up now and one is brand new.

Choose the pumpkin on the front or choose another message. Choose a name or saying.

Choose to have boo throughout the card in the white lines. Or choose another word such as happy Halloween or names, you can mix and match the lines.
A scary woods card for any greeting or party invite.

This is a cool mask card with feathers and glitter dots.

<3 Sassy Style Cards


  1. Just applied for your giveaway :) Your "BOO" card is adorable!

  2. Lovely cards & thanks for the item feature :)

  3. Thanks Candles by Nature :) & no prob southern belle

  4. Hey, sorry it took so long to drop by. I'm following you back :)