Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Well I am pretty sure it is Shark week ha ha. There are a bunch of commercials and the talk is crazy about it. I have never watched it but I would love to watch it sometime. When we went to the keys last year, we went shark fishing at night but never caught anything. These sharks would come close to the deck and was pretty scary, but as long as I wasn't in the water. We just moved from Florida and we would always see fins far out in the ocean and would always be freaked but usually it was dolphins. So I know this isn't a shark but in honor of shark week Ill post a picture of a cake I made for school last year. It is supposed to be a Goliath grouper.

It's not amazing but it will do :)


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  2. Hey, me too :) Here's mine:

  3. Cute cake! I like the beady little eyes.